StoreMate™ ERP System

For importers, island wide and area Distributors

Summary of the Business

The dashboard instantly overviews the sales, outstanding, expenses, and profit of the current month as well as up-to-date business status.

Clean Design (Material)

StoreMate’s uses Google Material design concept to build this product. Entire the system you can experience the simplicity of the design with the same power of functionalities.

Vital Reports

StoreMate’s downloadable and printable versions of reports and charts with PDF formats support user to manually store the data whenever necessary.

Comfortable Lists

When it comes to large number of data, the list may be over loaded and difficult to search & filter those lists. So StoreMate™ advance filter with clean design you may not put much effort to filter the data.

StoreMate™ Features & Functionalities

Primary process features


In supplier chain, everybody plays a different role. So the industry depends on the position of the chain. So the StoreMate™ fits for several industries.