Payment Gateways

Secure payment gateway integration with local or foreign bank

Secure Credit Card Payments

Ensuring increased business efficiency through safe and convenient payments through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certifications, creating an encoded link allowing confidential messages to be transferred avoiding issues like eavesdropping.

Get paid from Global

Breaking the doors of only domestic focus, enabling the ability to target the international market. Providing all the flexibility in spreading the market to the international waters.

Saving Time

The most easiest and time saving method of doing electronic transactions. Its user friendliness and speedy processing bridges customer’s level of convenience creating a “happy customer”.

Mobile Payments friendly

Ensuring user convenience with greatest level of device independency for any form of payments no matter where you are located, with guaranteed mechanisms for fraud protections.

Payment Support

Enabling variety of payment choices increasing level of customer data protection, multiple currency payment proceedings, easy access and usability with a full stop to fraud mechanisms with visa, master card, American express, pay pal etc.

Get reports for payments

The ability to generate generic and feasible reports to assess the success of the payment gateway.