PGLL is engaging in the export and importing industry. They have to go through high-risk legal documents on day to day basis. Originating, handling, and submitting those documents manually had a huge risk and financial cost. We automated the document management process and raise the accuracy of the document into a zero-fault limit. This software was developed within 4 months and help to reduce the monetary cost of the PGLL company.



Exporting and Importing is a complex business which does have engage with multiple government bodies and needs to adhere according to multiple rules and regulation to sustain in the business. In its business process, PGLL needs to generate multiple complex high-risk legal documents. A mistake in one of those documents will incur a huge financial fine with a rejection of the business deal. The company needs to decrease this and get higher accuracy to mitigate this financial cost and hindrance to the business process.



We understood the company’s expectations. Our developers-built a document management system which automated the documentation business process while adhering to the government rules and regulation. This system was able to generate documents matching to Sri Lanka custom department requirements and decrease the mistake which could have to happen when the process was conducted manually.



The company was able to accelerate its documentation process with minimum or zero errors. They mitigate the huge financial fines through this document management system. Overall companies’ capabilities were increased, and their capacity was expanded.




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