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Project Overview

People bank were facing challenges when they manage their staff loan process manually. Within 10 months we build a system which allows displaying real-time up-to-date loan information in secured software for their internal loan management purposes. Thus, the organization saves time and money on enabling an individual account for more than 3700 employees to manage 3000 loans.

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The Problem

Peoples’ Bank is one of the leading commercial bank in Sri Lanka. They do a massive branch system which is wildly spread all over Sri Lanka with a significant number of employees. As an employment benefit, the bank staff is getting internal loan at low-interest rate. While having more than 3700 staff, the bank managed this internal loan process manually. They were facing difficulties when providing up to date information to their loan holders and making a sound decisions about internal loan management.

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The Solution

As a solution for this, our team at Parallax analysis the current loan procedures and what are the bank expectation from the system which we going to create for them to solve their problem. After initial analysis, we came up with the new system which provides up-to-date information regarding every loan holder and every loan type. This centralized system provide details about various loan type and every Peoples’ bank employee whose having a loan, no matter where they work

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The Impact

Our system provides clean and up-to-date information which helps the bank to make an informed decision while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Staff had up-to-date knowledge about their loan status and this system help to smooth the loan management process with higher accuracy and transparency.

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