This system was built for Tergo Services (Pvt) Ltd, a leading Sri Lankan company in commercial cleaning sector. We built this within 1 month by digitalizing their purchasing management system which has handle by manually. Our system allows them to manage their equipment and chemical which use in their business process by showing past purchasing history and current availability. This system provides necessary information to make highly accuracy purchasing decision while reducing the cost.

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As a leading cleaning service provider, Tergo Services (Pvt) Ltd had to make purchase cleaning chemical and equipment day to day basic. Due to the larger customer basis the company had to make purchase in larger quantities, and they had minimum storage facilities. The purchasing process was used to done manually. Tergo Services (Pvt) Ltd identified that doing the purchasing process and inventory management is quite ineffective and its highly time consuming.



We identify the company’s need and what are there expectation. We built system which automated the purchasing process and provide real time inventory management. We include every service location of Tergo Services (Pvt) Ltd and their current inventory states. Management can identify needs of chemical and equipment at any location and they can raise a purchasing order for those things through the system.



Our purchasing management system smooth the purchasing process and inventory management. This help manage their inventory real time and reduce the cost for storage facilities. This digitalize system help to raise purchasing order by identifying the correct items and provide the up-to-date information to make correct decisions.




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